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Let's start off with some positive news!, our business magazine, is out with its annual list of Health Care Heroes, a group of people we all can agree deserve extra kudos this year. Knox County Schools nurses were honored for their work in the trenches with COVID-19 contact tracing last year. 

"We were in rooms with tape measures," Gibbs Elementary nurse Sonya Smith said about pandemic safety efforts.

Here's a bit from behind the scenes: I really enjoyed my time interviewing school nurses and KCS Health Services Supervisor Lisa Wagoner. But here's the funny part — if you click on the story, you'll see a group photo of school nurses. My colleague, photojournalist Saul Young, actually stood on the top of his SUV to get that shot!

Back on the ground, nurses told me about what it was like to call parents who were scrambling to find child care for their quarantined kids and how they navigated an increasingly politicized pandemic.

"I think we slowed the spread down some in the school system, I really do, with the contact tracing and putting those kids out on quarantine," L&N Stem Academy nurse Tammy Lane told me.

You can read more about school nurses and our other 2021 Health Care Heroes here

Now let's talk about hard numbers. Let's say math wasn't your strongest subject and you want someone to explain what all those COVID-19 stats mean. Reporter Vincent Gabrielle and I have a story about how the Knox County Schools COVID-19 dashboard is underestimating pediatric COVID-19 cases.

Now let's say you made straight As in government class. You might want to check out the details on how the school board will pick the next superintendent

Finally, let's say your favorite time of day was gym class. You might want to learn more about our new Lady Vols reporter Cora Hall

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Lets give a big hurray to school nurses, our Health Care Heroes


Lets give a big hurray to school nurses, our Health Care Heroes

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Building a resilient nursing workforce | Victoria Niederhauser